Phillip Wells

Phillip Wells

Property Sales Representative

Phillip brings with him a wealth of knowledge having worked in the building industry as an advanced qualified tradesperson. Phillip then retrained as a teacher achieving a Bachelor of Education followed by a Master of Education. Phillip has held many senior positions in Tasmania, Nationally and Internationally. The most recent being as headmaster of the Falkland Islands Community School. Phillip has a keen interest in water sports. He is a diving and windsurfing instructor and master swimmer, holding many state records in his age group.

Phillip has held an active interest in real estate investment, having purchased and sold properties here and abroad for many years. Phillip has decided to combine his passion and interest in both education and real estate by assisting others with their property portfolio choices. Education like real estate is at its core about sound knowledge and business acumen, meticulous attention to details and building strong and enduring relationships guided by an unwavering moral compass.

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The whole process was very quick and smooth

Phillip is a very personable and approachable agent. I was very happy with his market knowledge. I would engage his services in the future, if the need arises.

- BeateBond

Land purchase

Great, friendly service, helpful and patient, highly recommend Phillip’s real estate services.

- Anonymous

Successful Sale

Phillip was friendly and professional throughout the process. He seemed to work hard to get prospective buyers to look at the property and give feedback, which helped me recognise a realistic market value and therefore realistic offers. He was supportive of me getting the best price in the prevailing market.

- Gary98912